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Stolen credentials (email addresses, usernames, passwords, and more) found on the Dark Web can indicate that your
company or your employees may have been compromised, and you should take action right away. Cybercriminals buy stolen credentials and use them to infiltrate your company and steal your data. Worldwide Services’ Dark Web monitoring uses patented threat intelligence to identify and expose your company’s stolen credentials, alerting you immediately when a breach has been detected and allowing your team to respond quickly to prevent an expensive data loss.

Why Not Take 4 Seconds Now To Protect Yourself,  Your Company & Your Customers?

We have NEVER offered this FREE Dark Web Scan until now, but because data breaches are such a real threat today — 1 in 3 small- to medium-sized businesses are on the Dark Web — we must be proactive in stopping the threat.

Our 100% FREE and 100% confidential Exclusive Dark Web Scan is your first line of defense. Simply fill out the form on this page with your name and company email address (yes, it has to be your company email), and we’ll perform our Dark Web analysis.

Within just 24 hours, you’ll have your report. Hopefully it will be ALL CLEAR and you can breathe easy and resume your business obligations. If your company, your profits and your customers are AT RISK, we’ll simply dig a little deeper to make sure you’re protected.

Fair Warning: What To Expect If You IGNORE This FREE Dark Web Scan…

The second you get word there’s been a Cyberattack on YOUR watch, your whole company shifts into damage control…

Post Data Breach Response: Inbound communications, massive investigation and legal fees account for about $1.56 MILLION in response costs.

Customers Bail: Yes, they will leave in droves. Especially if THEIR information is compromised. Expect to pay $4.13 MILLION in loss of customers cost.

Detection and Escalation: This includes forensic and investigative activities, crisis team management, audit services and more. The average U.S. business paid $1.07 MILLION.

Of course, all this time… you’re NOT marketing, NOT selling, NOT bringing in revenue.

What’s worse, YOUR company gets ALL the blame. Not your IT team. Certainly not the cyber criminal. All eyes are on YOU. You must face your customers, your stockholders, your employees and tell them how YOU cost them their money, their time and their trust.

But that doesn’t have to be your fate…
you can do something about it THIS VERY SECOND!

Simply take 4 seconds and reserve your FREE Dark Web Scan below.

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What our customers have to say

Of all the companies I have worked with over my 30 years in the industry … Worldwide Services is by far my company of choice. Your entire organization displays ethics and values like no other I have associated with. The commitment to teamwork and communication is first class.

— Vice President, Global Carrier, April, 2023
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What our customers have to say

The Worldwide Services team is extremely helpful and responsive to emergency needs. Price. Service. Support. That’s why we chose Worldwide Services.

— Lead Engineer, Healthcare Facility, January, 2023
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What our customers have to say

Worldwide Services is by far my company of choice. They have gone above and beyond to meet all our requirements. We won’t consider another IT Services organization. They epitomize what a true business partner is…

— VICE PRESIDENT Network Operations

— FORTUNE 100 RETAILER, April, 2023
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