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NetGuard FAQ’s

What is NetGuard?

NetGuard is Worldwide Services’ third-party maintenance program that includes:

  • Same or next business day guaranteed hardware replacement
  • 24/7/365 Tech Support provided by in-house, Certified Service Engineers
  • Access to Worldwide Services’ proprietary knowledge base and tools, for easy access to online technical information and service request management
  • Multi-OEM vendor solutions rolled into one simple, customized contract

NetGuard protection is available for 200+ fully-supported current and legacy OEM product lines. Some of the hardware covered includes: routers, switches, CMTS equipment, network security hardware, base stations, microwave radios, IP telephony and optical hardware. Worldwide Services 400 global service and sparing centers in 79 countries guarantee coverage in all major markets within 24 hours.

What does Worldwide Services do about software upgrades?

We are not the manufacturer and we do not provide the software upgrades. Our 3rd party maintenance is best designed for gear that is legacy equipment or is stable gear that has been in your network for years.

Where do we keep our product? Logistics?

We have main warehouses at our global headquarters in NJ, and global sparing locations throughout multiple countries. We store, test and ship our equipment out of these locations, but depending on your contract we do offer onsite spares as an option.

How do we test? Do we test everything?

Yes, we do test all equipment that comes in and out of our warehouse. We have talented and certified technicians on staff that tests all equipment before it ships.

Do we provide a higher level of service than NBD?

We customize programs for the customer’s specific needs, but yes we have created programs with that higher level of support and commitment. Go on to explain our different contract options.


Cisco tells me that if I buy equipment or support from a 3rd party that they will drop our SmartNet support.

Encourage the customer to manage what’s best for them not what’s best for Cisco. Cisco’s policy is to get as much business as possible, not to do what’s best for the customer. We have never seen Cisco follow through on a threat like that.

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