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Healthcare is an ever-changing field, dependent on the implementation of new science and technological advances to continue making a difference in lives around the world. Like most industries, healthcare has become modernized by automation and digital data in the information age. Meanwhile, data management in the healthcare industry is expected to grow by about 36% before the year 2025.

Medical providers today can pull up patient data in moments and use predictive analytics to develop more effective treatment plans, but that’s only possible with the help of healthcare network solutions and IT management. Fortunately, you can seek outsourced healthcare IT services with Worldwide Services and get access to security and storage you’ve never had before.

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Our Experience With Health Care IT Services

Worldwide Services has provided health care managed IT services to many companies in the healthcare industry. We know how important it is for medical facilities to continue making advancements in computer technology so that they can enhance the care they offer patients. That’s why we use our healthcare IT services to closely monitor and protect each facility’s data. Security is our number one priority when it comes to managing the IT of our healthcare clients.

Our Technology Services

We extend multiple technology services to our clients, including:

  • NetGuard
  • Cloud and network migration services
  • Global managed IT services
  • Life cycle management services
  • Professional field services
  • Network monitoring and infrastructure management
  • Server maintenance services
  • IT storage maintenance services

Whether you’re looking to move your facility’s data to the cloud, secure support for hardware upgrades, prevent against network problems or build maintenance plans for your storage and servers, Worldwide Services is ready to help. Thanks to our exceptional customer support system and team of IT experts, we’re also prepared to respond to unforeseen situations quickly and efficiently so that you can get back to providing quality patient care.

How We Can Help

Our healthcare managed network services will allow you to stay on top of your technical management needs without negatively affecting your ability to preserve patient safety. Frequent IT issues can slow down business and lead to extra expenses. These expenses, however, are unnecessary when you partner up with Worldwide Services, because our services will help you take measures to prevent technical issues.

We can monitor your network and keep it secure so that you can protect patient and treatment data. Meanwhile, we’ll work to upgrade and optimize your technology so that it functions as effectively and efficiently as possible. We even offer 24-hour technical support, so no matter when a problem arises, you can take immediate steps to address and rectify it.

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We know better than to take IT matters in healthcare lightly. Our healthcare network solutions offer you a cost-effective method of staying up to date on your facility’s computer technology and making it a reliable tool for patient care.

Partner with us today to reap all the benefits of having a team of expert engineers in your corner. If you have additional questions about our products or services, contact us and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

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What our customers have to say

Of all the companies I have worked with over my 30 years in the industry … Worldwide Services is by far my company of choice. Your entire organization displays ethics and values like no other I have associated with. The commitment to teamwork and communication is first class.

— Vice President, Global Carrier, September, 2018
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What our customers have to say

The Worldwide Services team is extremely helpful and responsive to emergency needs. Price. Service. Support. That’s why we chose Worldwide Services.

— Lead Engineer, Healthcare Facility, October, 2017
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