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Considering a Migration to the Cloud?

Worldwide Services specializes in partnering with you to drive technology migrations to completion. We understand the complexities of merging two networks, and that adding a high-visibility integration to IT’s workload can stress your business. Our network migrations services can steer you down the correct path for maximizing your business.

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The Worldwide Services Differentiators: We are Worldwide... literally: many of our projects include multiple locations in the US and overseas.

Our Project Managers Double as Senior Network Engineers:

Basic user migration may require a Systems Admin, but there are often “surprise” moments that can occur on-site. Our Project Managers are Network Engineers by trade, so they can efficiently work through any issues with ease.

What is Cloud Migration?

Cloud Migration is transferring data in numerous forms from one location to another. This involves migration of all of your key data (applications, e-mail, file servers and any other data) from your existing onsite servers or other hosted environment over to a cloud platform.

Who is involved in the Cloud Migration Process?

Cloud Migration is an extremely technical and planned process that involves coordinating with outside vendors, onsite workers (IT and non-IT) and additional partners as necessary.

  • At Worldwide Services, our goals for each Cloud Migration are:
  • Reduce, minimize or have a zero downtime period for our customers
  • To engineer a parallel cloud environment that users can fully test before going live
  • To complete as much work as possible during non-working hours and on weekends
  • To perform all due diligence beforehand, so customer’s expectations are met or exceeded

Whatever the size of your project we can help you with:

  • Planning
  • Set-up & Migration
  • Quality Assurance and Performance Testing
  • Privacy & Security Protection
  • Ongoing Network Support

Whether you’re ready to make the move to the cloud, or just have questions about network migration services, we’re here to help and answer any questions you may have.

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50%-80% savings on recurring network & IT maintenance Learn More

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    What our customers have to say

    Of all the companies I have worked with over my 30 years in the industry … Worldwide Services is by far my company of choice. Your entire organization displays ethics and values like no other I have associated with. The commitment to teamwork and communication is first class.

    — Vice President, Global Carrier, September, 2018
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    What our customers have to say

    The Worldwide Services team is extremely helpful and responsive to emergency needs. Price. Service. Support. That’s why we chose Worldwide Services.

    — Lead Engineer, Healthcare Facility, October, 2017
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