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If one or more of your servers crash, it could send your company into a frantic pursuit to restore your operating systems and IT framework. In the meantime, you can lose valuable time and even money as your employees abandon their daily work to fix your server. Third-Party Server Maintenance from Worldwide Services can ensure the health of your systems, applications and IT infrastructure while saving you from costly downtime. Count on us for all your server maintenance needs.

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Our IT Server Maintenance Plan

As a global provider of network and telecommunication equipment and services, we understand why IT server management needs to be a priority for any industry. That’s why we’re committed to helping our clients keep their servers running to avoid any crashes. When there’s a problem, we’ll be there right away.

Our IT server maintenance plan includes a variety of steps, such as:

  • Checking your server log files
  • Checking your hard disk space
  • Examining any folder permissions
  • Examining security features
  • Installing security software patches
  • Updating antivirus software
  • Performing regular comprehensive back-ups

This plan will keep your server software updated and your computer network running smoothly. Our focus on security — such as installing security software patches and antivirus software — will protect your data, while preventive maintenance such as checking your hard disk space and folder permissions will help you avoid software crashes and network failure. We’ll also back your data up at regular intervals, so if something fails, you can rely on your IT server management partner, Worldwide Services.

Why Server Maintenance Services Matter

Even if you’re offline for a short amount of time, it will cost your business. Every minute your employees spend in your IT infrastructure is lost output and productivity. If you operate a smaller company, you may not have the resources to devote employees to IT server management.

Without regular server maintenance services, you could experience a crash that causes disruptions and frustration throughout your company. You can lose time and money during the crash, but it will also take time to get your systems back on track.

Some additional benefits of IT server management from Worldwide Services include:

  • Greater life for your server equipment
  • Maintenance even after your warranty expires
  • Reduced costs
  • Expert advice

Why Do You Need Server Maintenance?

Third-Party vs. OEM Support

There are two main options for server maintenance services — using a third-party such as Worldwide Services or trying support from your OEM. The problem with opting for support from the OEM is that it can run out when your warranty does. You also may not get the fast service you need in the case of an emergency.

Worldwide Services is different — we’ll make sure you get the support you need every time. Our IT server maintenance plan handles a variety of issues, from preventive maintenance to complex problems. We’re flexible in case you need a change to your plan or want additional maintenance. You also never have to worry about our service running out when your warranty does.

Why Choose Worldwide Services?

Don’t let your network go without any server maintenance. From Dell, HP, Cisco to ARRIS, Worldwide Services has the knowledge and experience working with all different brands and industries. Contact us today to discuss how we can tailor an IT server maintenance plan to your needs.

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Of all the companies I have worked with over my 30 years in the industry … Worldwide Services is by far my company of choice. Your entire organization displays ethics and values like no other I have associated with. The commitment to teamwork and communication is first class.

— Vice President, Global Carrier, September, 2018
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What our customers have to say

The Worldwide Services team is extremely helpful and responsive to emergency needs. Price. Service. Support. That’s why we chose Worldwide Services.

— Lead Engineer, Healthcare Facility, October, 2017
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