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Third-Party Maintenance Services

Whenever you purchase equipment from an original equipment manufacturer (OEM), you need to find a service solution. Whether your equipment reaches its end of life, or you need online technical support or proactive maintenance, your company requires a reliable, convenient and cost-effective solution.

Many OEM warranties and support agreements can be costly and may not meet your specific needs. In contrast, third-party maintenance services are starting to get more notice from IT professionals and companies that need a budget-friendly option and specific support.

When you choose NetGuard — the maintenance program from Worldwide Services — you’ll receive same- and next-business-day services at a price that allows you to focus on other tasks.

Save On My Maintenance Costs

Your Trusted Source for Third-Party Maintenance

Choosing a third-party maintenance provider means working with someone you trust. NetGuard allows you to add and manage your support contract easily using a portal. You can ensure you get the services you need from a company you can rely on. Our team will provide IT, network hardware replacement and field services quickly.

With consistent access to our certified engineers and web resources, you can count on us to quickly and expertly resolve critical network, server and storage issues, so you can get back to work.

What Is Third-Party Maintenance?

If you’ve never worked with an expert third-party maintenance provider, you may wonder what exactly the process involves. 3rd-party maintenance is a type of hardware support service that occurs outside your original equipment manufacturer. For example, if you purchase Microsoft software, you would get maintenance help for your Microsoft software from another company.

You get to choose the contract and services you need through your 3rd-party maintenance company. If your company only wants phone and online technical support, you can lower your maintenance costs by contracting for just those services. However, if you require more comprehensive hardware maintenance, you can invest in proactive maintenance, end-of-life services, multi-vendor support and more.

Keep in mind that many 3rd-party maintenance companies brand themselves as a solution to the costly services of an OEM. Many offer high-quality discounted services on your IT equipment, but you need to do your research. Some providers don’t go as far as their marketing suggests, and you could end up paying more for poor service. In contrast, NetGuard is a reputable third-party maintenance provider that offers personalized solutions to restrictive OEM contracts.


Many third-party maintenance companies can get grouped into two main categories — traditional and secondary. Gartner’s competitive landscape report shows that traditional 3rd-party maintenance providers focus on annual support contracts and have established market presences. Secondary hardware suppliers get most of their revenue from other sources and are typically just starting to enter the market.

Finding a traditional, expert third-party maintenance provider that also continues to learn and grow is key to helping your company.

How Does Third-Party Maintenance Help You?

There is a variety of benefits to choosing a third-party provider for maintaining your IT equipment, including:

  • Retaining full control: Third-party maintenance is not the same as data center outsourcing. You won’t have to worry about a company moving any of your protected information offsite, and outsiders won’t take over your IT department. You’ll keep full control over all aspects of your hardware, but our experts will add important knowledge and experience.
  • Cost: Lower maintenance costs are why many companies switch to third-party maintenance services to begin with. Clients of NetGuard usually see 50 to 80% savings on their recurring network and IT maintenance costs. When you have more room in your budget, you can also increase strategic IT spending on new equipment and solutions.
  • Service that meets your goals: Rigid OEM contracts can give you services you may not need, or fail to provide the ones you’re looking for. Working with a third-party maintenance provider means you get total access to IT experts without restrictions. You’ll get more resources and benefit from reduced downtime and maximized value.
  • Extended hardware lifespan: Extending the life of your equipment is necessary for your entire company. Once you go past the OEM’s end-of-life support date, you may want to keep using your equipment. While the OEM won’t help, 3rd-party maintenance services can ensure you keep your equipment for as long as you need to without the expense of any downtime.
  • Increased return on investment: Every time you work with an expert third-party maintenance provider, you get your money’s worth. Through NetGuard, Worldwide Services will help you maximize your uptime and enhance your performance and efficiency.

Why NetGuard?

GSA Advantage LogoWith NetGuard, you can add and manage any support contract – from any OEM network equipment provider – using NetGuard’s portal as a single point of reference for all items under all contracts. In addition, NetGuard provides:

  • 200+ fully-supported current and legacy OEM product lines
  • Global state-of-the-art 24×7 expert-level technical assistance
  • Personalized solutions: same and next business day parts and products or 4-hour on-site spare service, and field support mobility
  • Multi-OEM vendor solutions rolled into one simple, customized contract
  • Private portal access to Worldwide Services web-based proprietary software
  • Contract management, ticketing system and knowledgebase technical library access

Our Maintenance Services

NetGuard provides a variety of maintenance services related to storage, your server and your network. We use one portal as a single point of reference for everything in your contract. Depending on the contract you choose, we’ll provide support for more than 200 current and legacy OEM product lines, and private portal access to Worldwide Services’ web-based proprietary software.

Contract management, a ticketing system and a large knowledge base are all accessible through our technical library. With 400 global service and sparing centers in 79 countries, NetGuard has coverage in all major networks to support your server and network.

Managed Network Services

Every time you deal with a computer network issue, you lose valuable time. With our fully managed services program, you can keep your network running optimally and securely. Our 24/7 networking security services focus on managed IT, anti-virus, data backup and network optimization to ensure your network runs strong all day long.

If you already have a secure network and instead want to focus on efficiency, we’ll reduce employee costs and free up your IT department to work on offerings for your customers. If you don’t already employ an expert in security, data backup and more, you can count on our team to monitor and identify events and analyze any issues, so we can decide on a strategy for appropriate action together.

Necessary Server Maintenance and Migration

We specialize in maintaining your current server or migrating your existing operation to a better-fitting option. Our Migrations Solutions team can help maximize your business by migrating to the cloud. During this technical and time-consuming process, we’ll transfer all your data in your existing onsite server to a cloud platform. Our goal is to help you minimize or have zero downtime throughout the process and exceed your expectations through testing before going live.

If you choose NetGuard for your server maintenance and migration, we’ll help with planning, the migration itself and performance testing to ensure the new server works well for your needs. Then we’ll focus on privacy and security protection and ongoing support to make sure you get the most out of your existing or new server.

Storage Architecture Support

storage support from TPMEventually, your company could run out of storage. Do you have a plan for when that happens? If you’re not currently optimizing your storage, you could fail to have enough in the future and turn to an insecure solution. NetGuard keeps your data safe through IT equipment with the right amount of storage.

Our services include vendor-agnostic storage hardware maintenance plans, hardware upgrades and installation, and comprehensive break and fix support. When adding routine maintenance as part of an IT storage data management plan with us, you’ll receive optimal system health and won’t lose time or money when you encounter a storage problem. We’ll even help you extend the lifespan of your existing equipment so you can achieve greater longevity even when your warranty expires.

If you find you need new equipment for the optimal level of storage, you can use TradeNet — Worldwide Services’ trade and exchange program. We’ll take your surplus, outdated or de-installed equipment and trade it for new technology that meets your business’ goals. If you’re not sure what you need, our team can make recommendations to help you find the perfect IT equipment.

Field Service

When your company needs comprehensive field service, you want a company that has the tools, locations, resources and knowledge to provide customer service and support. NetGuard has field service professionals trained in 200 different hardware and software platforms and can deal with any complex multi-vendor IT network. From network design and optimization to system installation and configuration, our team will be there for you.

Our global certified engineers know how to make remote and on-site changes to help your network. Thanks to our global reach, we’re always available to help and respond to service requests quickly. If you need network maintenance, we provide project management, technical resource staffing and spare parts management.

Important Lifecycle Management

Just like people, your IT infrastructure has its own lifecycle. You want to maximize the investment of your equipment, but also know when it’s time to replace your IT and network investments. That’s where NetGuard comes in with IT Lifecycle Management. We’re a single source for end-user resale, disposition services, custom reporting and more.

If you’re ready to sell some of your network equipment, we buy over 200 brands. We’ll give you cash upfront at a competitive rate and remove your old equipment. When you get your new infrastructure, we’ll be there to provide ongoing support.

OEMs We Work With

We support infrastructure from many different OEMs, including:

While it may seem easy to contract with an OEM for support while you’re buying your equipment, they may not take every step to make sure your business is secure.

Instead, we tailor our quality services to your business. Our full range of expert third-party maintenance solutions includes robust security measures to optimize network efficiency. Plus, we’ll eliminate your risks and reduce capital expenses, so you can focus more of your time on growing your company and IT network.

Start Saving on Your Maintenance Costs Today

You have other options besides a rigid and expensive service plan from your original equipment manufacturer. Make the switch to NetGuard to save money on high-quality services. We offer the best service in the industry because of our experience and knowledge of technology, and we’ll help you find the right solution to make your business more successful.

Guaranteed service without the risk. Start your savings today! Contact us online, at or call 855.894.6400.

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