Worldwide Services Returns to ANGA COM May 10 – 12 – Cologne, Germany

Worldwide Services Returns to ANGA COM

Worldwide Services Returns to ANGA COM May 10 – 12 – Cologne, Germany | April 13th, 2022

Worldwide Services Returns to ANGA COM May 10 – 12 – Cologne, Germany

(Visit Us at Hall 8, Booth # A71)

Worldwide Services (WWS) has been building up its presence in the European broadband market for years now and considers its position to be extremely important. We would like to take every opportunity to be as prominently present as possible in this growing market. This way we can provide even more (potential) customers with positive customer experiences. We would therefore like to share our American quality with the growing IT market in Europe. One of the ways Worldwide Services can help businesses is by reducing the long OEM lead times that companies are facing for critical network infrastructure.

The global supply chain issues are causing companies to face months of waiting from the major OEMs. With strategic stocking locations around the world, WWS has a $1 billion inventory of network, server, and storage products in stock and ready to ship. Aside from hardware solutions the areas we are highlighting this year include Professional Field Services, Multimedia Over Coax Adapters (MoCA), as well as Network Inventory Software powered by our partner Ni2.

The broadband market in Europe is currently experiencing a significant growth. The tech world is getting bigger and working more closely together every day. Worldwide Services offers the highest quality and would therefore like to strengthen Europe by selling our services and hardware to this region.

To strengthen our position within the growing European market, we find it important to be visible to future customers and fellow branch organizations. ANGA COM is a major event where Europeans and non-Europeans have the opportunity to meet and work together. We will therefore be present at this important event and are looking forward to discovering new faces, organizations and technologies.

The European market is currently growing at a tremendous rate and Worldwide Services is noticing a lot of this. The ICT companies in Europe are getting further and further ahead with their innovations, which are also occurring at a rapid pace.

“The European broadband market is a good challenge for us. Worldwide Services has a lot to offer in this market and is therefore keen to invest in its relationship, so that we can sell our services to an even larger segment in Europe. Our collaborations so far in Europe have gone very well and we notice that there is a demand for a company like Worldwide Services to provide customers in the broadband market.” – Marald van den Berg, Worldwide Services.

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